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RCRA and CERCLA Hazardous
Waste Sites

Expert management oversight and support at polluted sites

The Summary
For more than a quarter-century, we provided a wide range of scientific and regulatory expertise on enforcement, permitting and corrective action at some of the nation's most polluted hazardous waste sites.
The Client
The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
The Rundown
Demonstrated in-depth knowledge of federal and state permitting and compliance procedures related to all aspects of hazardous waste management and cleanup.
Performed thousands of technical tasks, including: combustion and risk assessment; sampling and data review/analysis; field oversight and support; records and data management; negotiation and litigation support; training; and public meeting/community support.
Provided Brownfields development support, Potentially Responsible Party (PRP) oversight, and expertise on removal of Unexploded Ordnance (UXO), Leaking Underground Storage Tanks, and other environmental hazards.
Developed in-depth databases, provided economic analysis and performed detailed studies of potential threats to human health and the environment.
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